Social Media Management Tools for Ecommerce Websites

Social Media Management Tools for Ecommerce Websites

Social media presence is important for the success of any eCommerce company. If you want your business to succeed on the web, then you must build a community around your brand. Social media gives you the ability to directly interact with your customers. Being able to listen to what customers, competitors, and the rest of the world think about your brand is priceless. But, with the ever growing list of social media websites, managing all your social accounts and keeping them updated and responsive is a tough job.

If you conduct a Google search for social media management tools, you will come across a myriad variety of tools to choose from. After a point, there is so much information on Google that everything seems to cause brain-jam, where you stop making sense of right and wrong.

To help you folks with your Social Media Management, we at Grey Umbrella have curated our list of Top 10 Social Media Management Tools:


Topping the list is obviously Hootsuite. It is a social media management dashboard that can be used by businesses of all size. It features enhanced analytics reports, message scheduling, app integrations, RSS, team members, Security, Custom Short URLs, Message Archiving, deleted account representatives, geo-targeting, and the exclusive Hootsuite University. There are three pricing options available.


Buffer helps you share messages across many social media platforms to simplify your social media marketing process. Various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more are supported on Buffer. There are three types of pricing options in Buffer: Small Business, Medium Business, and Large Enterprise, which features unlimited scheduling, RSS integration, Analytics, and more.


Radian6 is a Salesforce Marketing Platform and a Social Media Management Tool that helps you get actionable social data. It features marketing automation, email marketing, journey builder, campaign management, data and analytics, predictive intelligence, social analysis and listening, and more. There are four different pricing options.

Sprout Social:

This is a powerful social media management tool with a few minor setbacks that keep it from topping the charts. It has functionalities like tracking social media messages, monitoring brand keywords, customer profiles, engaging in two-way communication, and more. There are three different pricing options.


Agorapulse only lets you manage three different social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No, there is no LinkedIn or Pinterest yet, but they may include these in the future. It features unlimited app use, post and comment management, unlimited download, statistics and personalized application form, automated moderation, tweet scheduling, unlimited admins, monthly reports, and more. There are four different pricing options.


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